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Avtek is an international Brand with over 38 years of experience offering products that protect against AC line electrical failures.
Yes, electrical failures are common in many countries around the world. Sometimes these failures are even visible to the human eye and can be perceived by a flickering light or a complete power outage.
Definitely. From the moment you connect your electrical appliances to the outlet it is exposed to possible electrical failures. If completely unprotected, those electrical failures could cause permanent damage to your appliances.
Over voltage and brownouts are two of the most common electrical failures. Due to the use of a compressor, your refrigerator is particularly susceptible to these two failures. Most modern refrigerators also have electronic circuitry that can be susceptible to electrical failures. By using a Voltage Protector designed especially for refrigeration appliances, you can extend the life of your refrigerator and save yourself additional maintenance costs.
Televisions, sound systems and other similar home devices are susceptible to electrical failures that can destroy their internal power supplies and deteriorate electronic components. These issues ultimately shorten the life of these types of devices. When purchasing a television or sound system, a product such as the Voltage Protector can represent a very small additional investment that will ultimately extend the life of your valuable electrical appliances and devices.
A voltage suppressor can be effective against certain AC Power failure types such as spikes but not against others such as brownouts, high voltage, or low voltage. In countries where electrical failures are common, the voltage is likely varying and a Voltage Regulator (not a suppressor) is recommended. If you experience prolonged absences of AC Power, an Interruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the best solution.
An uninterruptible power supply or UPS is an electrical protection device that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source fails. A UPS will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions, by supplying energy stored in batteries. When facing a complete power outage, a UPS allows you to, for example, continue using your computer or hospital equipment for a specified amount of time.
Our products are sold through specialized distributors in each country. To find a store with Avtek products near you, click here to contact your local distributor.

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Product Features & Technical Specs

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Warranties and Quality Assurance

Innovation and Quality are central to Avtek’s company vision. Based on that vision, we at Avtek dedicate ourselves to designing, manufacturing and commercializing high quality products. This approach allows us to offer the following warranties*:

Suppressors, Voltage Protectors, Line Voltage Monitors, Multi Protectors, Automatic Voltage Regulators



Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)



Auxiliary Energy Systems, Batteries, Portable Inverters, Emergency flashlights, Chargers

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*variations in warranties may be found due to individual country situations

Tutorial and Installation Videos

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